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Video Punches up Special Events

The Annenberg Space for Photography

Any visual exhibition whether in a museum, a gallery or a hotel conference room supports the emotional and informational impact of a presentation. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It is far easier to engage an audience with moving and revealing images than solely with information. Producing a video package to be shown at an event is the most effective way to compel an audience to action, to sell a product, to honor an awardee, to teach a new protocol. As cell phones and blackberries become the expected way we now communicate, video in all its formats is the visual currency that is now standard.

But how that video or videos are presented to an audience is also critical to the way it affects an audience. One venue that is particularly effective for most visual power is the Annenberg Space for Photography. It is designed to display photography …and video…in a way that allows the full impact of media’s power.


The Annenberg Space for Photography in Century City is designed to accommodate events with catering facilities and easy “mingling” areas for guests. The 10,000 square feet of space features a Digital Gallery, a central “rotunda” that mimics the inside of a camera. Once the visitor steps into the Digital Gallery, they are greeted by two high-resolution 14’ by 7’ rear projection screens lining the interior circumference of the room. The visitor is literally surrounded by dynamic, moving images that invite exploration. For the visitor in the Gallery, the effect is an immersion in the visual world…affecting and engaging the audience. For an event where images are critical to dramatize or demonstrate a purpose, this is an extraordinary opportunity to make the most of that media.

But the impact of visual information does not stop there. Another use of video at an event is to not only to film the ongoing proceedings but to take aside guests to be interviewed.  This is particularly important if the event is for a charity or a political cause, anything that has a message to tell.  These short interview clips edited with the evening’s events and the on-screen videos can be distributed on relevant websites as well as social networking sites.  Spreading the mission of the event to a much larger audience is video’s greatest value in this digital world.

While The Annenberg Space for Photography carries maximum punch for video display at an event, a number of smaller art galleries and museums also show video as a way of telling the stories of their artists. We produced a video for the gallery exhibition of California artist, Ynez Johnston.  It introduces gallery guests to Ms. Johnston’s own very personal and intimate relationship to her art. Meet Ms. Johnston here on our website and let us know what you think!

When thinking about an event, whether a corporate or non-profit or award presentation, the role of producing and displaying video to show and engage the audience is a critical component to the success of your efforts.  And to make the most of your event, creating new video of the event and its participants to publicize and carry your message to a larger viewership gives you the most bang for the buck!  

Written by guest blogger Annie Azzariti.

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